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OBC Kicks Off Online Store With A Heartbeat

Overcoming Believers Church (OBC) is launching it's online store with the brand new EKG/He's Alive t-shirt just in time for Resurrection Sunday! If you've ever visited OBC on a Resurrection (Easter) Sunday, you know that the only Easter Sunday hats and new outfits you're likely to see will be worn by visitors (who have never visited OBC on a Resurrection Sunday). Yep, most, if not all of the OBC regulars will likely be in jeans and the EKG/He's Alive t-shirt. Some might wonder why we don't get all dressed up on "Easter Sunday" like most folks. Well, we realize that everyone may not be able to afford a brand new three-piece suit or a fancy hat with fruit on it, so we intentionally "dress-down" in jeans and a t-shirt or whatever else you might feel comfortable in. It's really not about what you have on. Frankly, we really don't care what you have on whether it's a fancy new outfit or jeans and a t-shirt. We're just glad to have you come and be a part of our uncommon worship experience as we celebrate the resurrection of our Savior. But, if you do want to get your own OBC EKG/He's Alive t-shirt, you've come to the right place.